High Box for 25 Slides

A perfect box for storage and transportation of slides (max. 75x52x1 mm). Boxes stack securely on top of each other and are available in gray, others on request. Each slide box includes numbers (1...

Content: 8 pc. (€6.00 * / 1 pc.)

€48.00 *

Amino MS slide

Amino slide with smooth surface for microarray applications and surface coating experiments (based on DIN ISO 8037-1:2003-05) The 75x25mm chips are made of COP. Slide thickness is 1mm.

Content: 25 pc. (€6.60 * / 1 pc.)

€165.00 *

Capillary Microfluidic Chip

Plastic chip in Microscope Slide format, featuring channels in various cross section size ranges. Ideal for testing compatibility of chemistry, assay or tests to plastic capillary channels in COP....

Content: 25 pc. (€9.60 * / 1 pc.)

€240.00 *


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